The Human League – Anthology – A Very British Synthesizer Group

The Human League - Anthology - A Very British Synthesizer Group

Artist: The Human League
Album: Anthology – A Very British Synthesizer Group (Super Deluxe)
Genre: Pop/Synthpop
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Size: 440 mb

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Disc 1
1. Being Boiled (Fast Version)
2. The Dignity of Labour, Pt. 3
3. Empire State Human
4. Only After Dark
5. Nightclubbing
6. Boys and Girls
7. The Sound of the Crowd (Instrumental)
8. Hard Times
9. Love Action (I Believe In Love) [Edit]
10. Open Your Heart
11. Don’t You Want Me
12. Mirror Man
13. You Remind Me of Gold
14. (Keep Feeling) Fascination (Extended Version)
15. The Lebanon (7” Version)
16. Louise (DJ Edit)

Disc 2
1. Life on Your Own (Single Version)
2. Human (Extended Version)
3. I Need Your Loving (DJ Edit)
4. Love Is All That Matters (DJ Edit)
5. Heart Like a Wheel (William Orbit Remix)
6. Soundtrack to a Generation (Edit)
7. Tell Me When (Edit / Remastered 2003)
8. One Man in My Heart
9. Filling Up with Heaven
10. Stay with Me Tonight
11. All I Ever Wanted (Radio Edit)
12. Night People (Radio Edit / 2016 Edit)
13. Never Let Me Go
14. Sky (Radio Edit)

Disc 3
1. The Path of Least Resistance (Early Version)
2. No Time (Early Version of “The Word Before Last”)
3. Being Boiled (State of the Art Mix)
4. Stylopops You Broke My Heart (Early Version of “Marianne”)
5. I Am the Law (Early Version)
6. Darkness (Early Version)
7. Louise (Early Version)
8. The Real Thing (Early Version)
9. Love On the Run (Early Version)
10. A Doorway (Early Version)
11. Fm (Early Version of “Soundtrack To a Generation”)
12. Happening Woman (Early Version of “Filling Up With Heaven”)
13. Give It Back (Early Version of “Houseful of Nothing”)
14. New Start (Early Version of “All I Ever Wanted”)
15. Sh5 (Early Version of “Liar”)
16. Biller 10 (Early Version of “Single Minded”)
17. Jupiter 4C (Early Version of “Sky”)

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